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hey everyone!!

so everyones probs thinking why the hell is there just a bunch of pictures of the TARDIS on your dash?

well the answer is, thanks to my dad!

for a competition, he had to build a model of something from a movie and only a movie to enter in this contest, and naturally he picked the tardis from the 1996 Doctor Who movie.

and these are the finish product pics, and to put things into perspective the last photo is from the actuall scene where he based his model off.

you see that barrel in the top left corner?? that was my chocolate breaker bottle, you see the light above the tardis?? its connected by a straw

and can you guys see the little dalek eye hanging out of that big crate on the left?? well its a big dalek eye

he literally made everything you see here. the rubbish bags, the crowbar, the crates, the electricity boxes, the fence, the wall, the ladder, the picture in the background along with the brick wall

so why am I posting about this??

cause i’m so proud of what he made and it looks brilliant!! i just wanted to show him and possibly maybe you guys what you guys think of it cause I know he would love the support from you guys :D

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